Travel. It sounds so glamorous. “I’m spending the year traveling,” she says, with a pinky finger raised and her nose to the air.

But it’s not all staying in five-star hotels and sipping mojitos on the beach while chiseled men in white linen shirts dote upon you with sandalwood fans and fresh grapes. Sometimes, traveling looks more like this:


Sometimes you shove all your crap in a bag, get on the plane, and hope for the best. And frankly, that’s the part I like. The adventure. The unknown. This isn’t to say I’d refuse a mojito if I was offered one while walking on a beach in New Zealand, but that’s not part of my expectation for this trip. My expectation is to rough it a little, and to have fun doing so.

So after a decently exciting wrestling match, I’ve managed to fit all my things for the year into one backpack and a carry-on. Tent, sleeping bag, clothes, and gear—it all fits. Moleskin notebooks, a book of Hafiz poems, and waterproof matches. Check, check, and check.


It will be a lesson in frugality, hopefully showing me how little I really need. Of course, I say that now but I could have forgotten enough important items to fill another bag, so perhaps I shouldn’t speak so soon. But if I’m honest with myself, I wear the same three outfits on rotation anyway, so I think I’ll be just fine.

My one shot at that glamorous travel experience will be the fresh grapes, I think. There are plenty of vineyards to work on and the fruits will certainly be an attainable luxury. But I’ll stick to feeding them to myself, thank you very much.

I’ve reserved today, the day before departure, for freaking out. But as I sit here sucking on a candy cane and triple checking all my lists, I’m realizing my worries are in vain. Even if I did forget something, too bad! There’s absolutely no room left to take it. I’ll miss Vermont, my favorite shirt that’s getting left behind, and my mom. But I can’t wait to live out of my backpack and read Hafiz under the wide skies of New Zealand.


8 responses to “Glamour

  1. Your backpack looks big already, and seems to be very full. Travel light!! And the second bag looks a bit large too. When you get to New Zealand then you will see how easy things are, and probably find that you do not need half of what is in your bag.

    Whilst the idea of being on ‘holiday’ for a year sounds great, some people forget that it means lots of early check-ins, night flights, long bus journeys and a huge amount of waiting. Not all glamour!!

    • I’m sure you’re right! I’ll probably get there and ditch half of what’s in my bag. But, there are a few Christmas gifts stuffed in there that are taking up extra space.

  2. Good Luck Letticia (Crockett, help me out with that spelling!). I hope your year is full of fine wine and wonder. Send me a postcard from your journey and I’ll keep you in my prayers.

  3. Best wishes on your journey. Your mom and I were college roommates
    many years ago. You have a wonderful mentor in her.Enjoy every moment!

  4. What dates will you be in New Zealand? And hopefully by then, you will be in such a routine that travelling will have become very easy. You will be able to pack your backpack in no time after travelling for a few months, and I bet that you will have ditched a lot of stuff too!

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