Top 10 Kiwi Things

1. Smoko: Kiwis love their tea breaks. These mandatory breaks come often and are highly encouraged. You won’t go more than two hours without a cuppa in New Zealand, and what could be better than that?

2. Pavlova: It’s New Zealand’s national dessert, and it’s delicious. Eggs, sugar, cream, and fruit–enough said.

3. Fish ‘n’ Chips: I really wish I hadn’t discovered this. I like it too much. Never much of a fish-eater before coming here, I now have been known to fist pump when it’s fish ‘n’ chips night.

Caught in the act.

Caught in the act.

4. Sheep: they’re fluffy, they’re cute, and they’re everywhere.

5. Saying “Wee”: everyone seems to say “just a wee bit of this” or “a wee bit of that.” My favorite is hearing muscly men saying things like, “look at that wee bird over there!” Always surprising and always great.

6. Dual-flush toilets: They just make sense.

7. Raw milk vending machines: Imagine what would happen if we tried to do that in the states!

8. Avocados: avocados avocados avocados AVOCADOS.

9. World’s friendliest people? In nearly 6 months, I’ve only had one unpleasant interaction with a Kiwi. Not a bad track record.

10. Scenery: image


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