Top 10 Worst Kiwi Things

(Yes, I realize that most of these are food related)

1. Ketchup or “tomahhto sauce”: it has some weird spice in it that just shouldn’t be there. Ew, yuck, get it away from my hot chips!
2. Wheet-Bix: Um, no. Why do people buy this stuff? It could easily be made at home by cutting up a cardboard box and putting it in a bowl with milk.

3. Cheddar cheese: Normally this is a favorite food of mine, but the cheddar here tastes like feet.
4. The inability to order straight black coffee in a mug larger than a thimble.
5. “Maple flavoured syrup”: Don’t even get me started on this. The Vermonter in me feels rage at the the audacity of whoever associated maple with this shit syrup. No!
6. Old Kiwi dudes hitched to young foreign women.
7. Internet: You’re more likely to see baby seals before breakfast than you are to find free wifi in NZ.
8: Butter: I didn’t think you could go wrong with butter, but I was mistaken.
9: Storefronts: Even in the hip cities of NZ, the storefronts look like they belong in the ghetto.
10: Liquorice all-sorts: They only go on this list because I wish I hadn’t discovered how good they are.

And that’s all I have to say about that!

OH, except the polar fleece short sleeved shirts. I’ll save that rant for another post.


3 responses to “Top 10 Worst Kiwi Things

  1. I love Weet-Bix!!!! Try them with warm water/milk, blueberries, and… well I was going to say maple syrup… but I guess brown sugar. It is super delish!

  2. Hahahaha I haven’t heard about wheet-bix since I was in Kenya. I forgot it existed. Thanks for reminding me how much I disliked it unless I threw a pound of cinnamon or peanut butter in the mix. Come to Thailand for tons of free wifi. Their wifi is better than the US.. wish I was kidding.

    • Ha, it’s pretty terrible isn’t it? Definitely considering Thailand, I just have to consult my bank account and see how much it will protest if I buy a plane ticket! It’d be awesome to see you.

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